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I'm Tanya.
My moral compass lacks direction. As my preferences.
It's always the wrong time and the wrong place.
Escapism is the one true religion.
I've got a soft spot for impossibilities and hot murderous psychos
Crooked heart

I got a cottage with a sea view
I got a regular summer tan
I’ve been working up the courage to call you all year.
There is nothing I can say
There are no good words left anyway
Besides people are cruel
And the world still moves without you

I love you. And it’s taken me all this time to say it, but I love you. And if you still care for me, wait for me. Wait with me.  Just wait. Wait.

Logan had seen through her; that was one of the reasons she loved him. He could tell her things she couldn’t bear to tell herself sometimes.


don’t date anyone who doesn’t think hawkeye is a valuable member of the avengers